Pre-Planning Information

If funeral expenses are a concern to you, preplanning makes sense. It is estimated within the next decade, 8 out of every 10 funerals provided will be prearranged.

Preplanning allows you the opportunity to choose things that are meaningful to you and your family without the emotional burden, while paying attention to your budget and your faith.

We offer several options to prepay for funeral services: monthly payments, insurance coverage, or single payment plans. Our funeral home is one of the few that offer a guaranteed funeral program. Simply put, a guaranteed funeral is provided in the future for no additional cost to your family. The original amount you have paid with accumulations of dividends and interest will cover the cost in the future with our funeral home.

Pre-planning allows you and your family the comfort and peace of mind in knowing that all of your funeral arrangements are in order before the need arises.

What are the specific advantages?

Relieve your family from the burden of making decisions at a difficult time

  •   Allow yourself the ability to control costs and reduce financial stress
  •   Organize all of your personal records in preparation for future paperwork
  •    Tailor services to your individual personality and family memories
  •    Guarantee that your family receives the benefits they are entitled to
  •    Gain a sense of security in knowing that your emotional and financial needs will be met by a professional and experienced staff


Our goal at Garland Funeral Home is to provide you with options, so you can make a well-informed decision for the future. Our directors will meet with you to create a program personalized for you and your family.


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